Thermal Eye X50

• 5.25 “ x 4.5” x 2”

• 1000 ft detection

• Underwater submersion to 9 ft


X-50  $ 3,995.00

The L-3 Thermal-Eye X50 sets the standard for the affordable, small, lightweight Thermal Imaging camera. It is pocket-sized, rugged and durable. Based on the X100xp, the L-3 Thermal-Eye X50 is perfect for public safety, first responder and security operations. The L-3 Thermal-Eye X50 is an affordable, small, lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera. The primary mission of the L-3 Thermal-Eye X50 System is to support first responders with rapid, easy to use, hand-held Thermal Vision hardware to find and locate suspects and victims. Because criminals can't hide their heat this camera is the perfect partner in fighting crime. It detects heat signatures up to 1,000 feet away - in total darkness or when vision is compromised by smoke, bright lights, glare and shadows.