Body Bunker® Type IIIA Tactical Shield


  • Manufactured with advanced composite, high-performance polyethylene fiber
  • Curved rectangular design for added protection against angled shots
  • Ballistic wings for free-standing capabilities and added protection
  • Horizontal ambidextrous handle for longer use without fatigue
  • Large 4” x 16” (10.16cm x 40.64cm) multi-layered viewport for multiple-hit capability
  • Viewport curved 18” for optimal peripheral vision
  • NIJ 0108.01 Type IIIA protection
  • Carry strap with quick-release system
  • 3148S – 31” x 48” (78.74cm x 121.92cm)
  • 3148S weight: 31 lbs. (14.06 kg)
  • 2436S – 24” x 36” (60.96cm x 91.44cm)
  • 2436S weight: 21 lbs. (9.53 kg)
  • High-intensity lighting system
  • LED lighting system
  • Carry bag
  • Decals

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So well-known that its name is often used in place of “ballistic shield,” Body Bunker provides solid protection during high-risk entries. The Body Bunker's unique design incorporates ballistic "wings" that allow for added protection and free-standing capabilities. Protects against Type IIIA rounds and velocities.